Arts and Culture

Arts and culture have the ability to stir our emotions enrich our lives.  It’s often, mistakenly, one of the first areas cut from school board curriculum when there are budget pressures.  Yet, the arts are a critical component of a mature, dynamic city.  We take pride in the number of Fortune 500 businesses as well as Small Medium Enterprises located here in Markham.  We should be just as proud to call ourselves a centre for the arts, music and culture.  We can foster a dynamic and creative home for aspiring talent as well those who have this gift to make it a professional career.

A sample of events in Markham…

  • Bollywood
  • Reel World Film festival
  • Markham Jazz festival
  • Kindred Spirits Orchestra
  • Plein Air Art competition
  • Flato Markham Theatre


What have I done?

  • Supported funding to preserve a genuinely Markham symphony orchestra
  • Worked with the Markham Arts Council to find long term financial solutions and establish a closer relationship with the City of Markham
  • Public libraries are public parks for the mind. As a member of the Markham Public Library Board I was engaged in a strategic planning process looking at what the library of the future should look like to make them more accessible, inviting and engaging for people of all ages. And as technologies evolve, there is more room for diversity and specialization in our library offerings.

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