Children’s Organic Community Gardens

I fought for funding to establish a Children's Organic Learning Garden School and Community Program to develop and run community gardens in parks adjacent to local elementary schools. 

The program would teach students involved in the gardens about agriculture production practices, sustainability, diet and nutrition; and evaluate the learning outcomes.  They would learn where food comes from and what fresh foods tastes like.  They will also feel the pride of growing and serving vegetables and fruits that grew through their own effort. The community garden would be tended by students, local volunteers, and numerous groups and organizations promoting multi-cultural and intergenerational relationships.

Markham approved the establishment of 5 proposed initial sites, each with $1,000 of start-up funding for this program.  This simply would be impossible to undertake without the passion and dedication of Lynne Koss, founder of the Seeds for Change initiative. 

  • Worked with Adventure Valley Day Camp to establish a major community garden project on their Leslie Street location.

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