Customer Service


When governments deliver services based on the needs of the people they serve, they can increase public satisfaction and actually reduce costs.

Delivering services to residents is at the heart of what most government agencies do.  I believe that municipal government is possibly the most important as it affects residents every day thru such services as waste removal, roads, transit, parks, libraries and community centres. Services are therefore critical in shaping trust in and perceptions of the public sector.

Residents today rightly expect more transparent, accessible, and responsive services from their government.  Many governments have made efforts to improve service delivery through online portals or “one-stop shops” like centralized call centres, but we can still do more.

Residents should not need to speak with multiple parties before their question is answered or their request is completed.   

Despite good intentions, often government designs and delivers services based on their own requirements and procedures rather than the needs of the people they serve.

At the end of the day, the question is:  are you truly getting real value for the amount of tax dollars you are paying?

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