Dealing with Adversity

Like many Thornhill residents, I know from very personal experience, what it means to face life’s challenges, overcome adversity and achieve results.

I grew up as an overweight youth – something which affected me both physically and emotionally.  In fact, at one point 10 years ago, I was 70 pounds overweight.  I re-focused my life, lost the weight and made fitness and good nutrition part of my daily life and proceeded to  train for and run three marathons.  

adversity1.jpgIn 2003 I learned that in the blink of an eye, your whole world can change.   My personal story began when I was involved in a very strange backyard accident which broke his neck in two places leaving me within a centimetre of being paralyzed.  I came back from this injury to be one of the only people to successfully race  the marathon following a multiple broken neck injury and have now taken 29 minutes off my previous best time!

I know how to set goals and I know how to get things done. – whether it’s training for the marathon, raising funds for a charity or business deadlines.  Following my accident, people in the Thornhill community – my neighbours – saw me in my neck brace, slowly return to walking and eventually running.  I know the streets, parks and neighbourhoods of Ward 2 from running thousands of kilometres over them during the past 18 years.  I’ve run past the stench of Canac on Greenlane and through the streets of German Mills.adversity2.jpg

One of my passions is speaking to youth groups in both Canada and the U.S. where I share my experience with overcoming a life-ending accident and try to provide an  inspiring look into what it takes to be successful in a 42.2 kilometre marathon, in life and in business.

I believe that success depends on maintaining a positive attitude, setting goals, and working towards them with unbending determination.  There is no such thing as “yeah but”. No excuses! 

Above all, I am a team-builder, deeply inspired by an irrepressible belief in people and the inner strength and perseverance of each individual. Each of us has special qualities and capabilities that we have yet to fully discover and apply.I don’t give up and I will not let you down.  I will work tirelessly on your behalf if you give me your support once again on October 27th.