Thornhill is one of the oldest communities in Markham.  Recent events have tested our current drainage system and power grids.

What does this mean to you as residents? 


Infrastructure is crucial. Humanity is naturally pulled toward what sustains us, be that practical or amenable. Real infrastructure is vital to modern living, whether that’s transportation or housing. So is ‘soft’ infrastructure which encourages a better quality of life, from entertainment to quality and alternatives in education.

These things are essential for economic well-being, which really is the sum of many varying parts.  Some of the components of a flourishing economy include:  efficient transportation; affordable housing, quality education, and even physical health.

When people cannot afford to live near jobs — or if there’s no efficient transportation to get them there — unemployment becomes an issue.  Then if businesses are not able to fill positions, they don’t have the ability to expand.

Similarly, the quality of life and ease of access in cities makes them competitive. High-value employees who can go anywhere are driven not merely by salary but by available amenities. That’s part of what compels businesses to establish a presence in one location over another.

Without the necessary infrastructure in place, approving new, high-density developments puts enormous pressure and challenges on existing neighbourhoods.

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