Meet Howard

I was raised by my grandmother who instilled in me a belief in public service and giving back to one’s community.  She taught me to ask questions and reserve judgment until I had all the information to make informed decisions – something which has stood me well and I believe benefitted our community. 

I have been a Thornhill resident for 22 years and first represented all of Thornhill many years ago as Trustee and Vice Chair of the School Board.  Over the past 4 years I have had the privilege of serving as a Thornhill Councillor.  I am proud of what we have accomplished and know that by working together we can and will do even more for our community and our City.

Thornhill faces many pressing challenges: Thornlea Revitalization;  implications of intensification such as development of the Yonge Street corridor; and protection of Thornhill’s heritage neighbourhoods.  It has urgent infrastructure needs, such as transit, stormwater management, outdated power utility grids;  and, the age and quality of facilities including the amenities in our local parks.  Our quality of life depends on making real advances in these areas as well as on initiatives related to the new, emerging technology economy like ‘Digital Markham – a Technology Blueprint’ for Smart Markham.

With the merging of the two Thornhill Wards into one, Thornhill will be the largest Ward in Markham.  This will have significant implications for the future of our community.  More than ever before, we need strong, capable leadership that Gets Things Done!  The residents of Thornhill deserve someone who will deliver the kind of results you have every right to expect.  And, in today’s complex environment, a Councillor needs to have a broad perspective – social, economic & business as well as environmental.

I would be honoured to have your support on October 27th.