On the Issues

Howard Shore’s return to Council platform focuses on four critical quality of life values including Infrastructure, Sustainability, Technology, and Community.  He will be releasing his detailed platform in the coming days but here is a small sampling of what his values mean.

Infrastructure includes the work we are undertaking to protect Thornhill homes from flooding and power outages as well as ensuring that access to public services and the range of amenities available to your family, particularly at our parks and community centres, is fair and equitable.

Sustainability includes making responsible decisions that respect the environment and protect vital resources while also minding your money.  It also means getting serious about transit and protecting existing neighbourhoods from the effects of major development.

Technology includes enabling our city with leading-edge technology that engages, informs and empowers.  It includes a commitment to modern infrastructure, smart communities, and technological innovation.

Community includes continuing with his regular electronic updates on Council issues and events while engaging residents at his monthly Coffee Klatch on the issues that affect them.  It also means being accountable and accessible to residents as well as advocating on their behalf at Council.


Please stay tuned for updates.