Property Tax Exemptions


We have an increasingly older population, particularly in Thornhill.  Many have lived here decades and given back to our community in many ways.  Thornhill is also an undeniably expensive place to live.

No senior or disabled person should ever have to sell their home because of the impact of property taxes or other municipal-related fees.

What would I do?

  • Advocate a program to help seniors and people with disabilities pay less or no property tax, depending on their unique circumstances. Taxes are lowered depending on the type of property owned or occupied. 

This property tax exemption is a way to lower property taxes by exempting all extra levies, which may also include Alectra (formerly PowerStream).

This would only apply:

If you are a homeowner or mobile home owner AND all these are true:

  • The home is your principal residence.  
  • You have a limited income.
  • Eitheryou will be 61 by December 31st in the year you apply OR you are a disabled person of any age who cannot work because of a physical/mental impairment. (You must have a doctor's written statement.) 

The surviving spouse of someone getting an exemption at the time of his/her death shall qualify for an exemption if s/he is both:

  • 57 or older.
  • Otherwise eligible.

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