Protecting our Heritage Neighbourhoods

The value to a community of its heritage areas cannot be overstated.

The protection of historic heritage from inappropriate subdivision, use, and development is something which should be important to everyone.   Thornhill and Markham’s significant heritage places and associated values need to be protected from inappropriate activities and development, while balancing the challenge of earthquake recovery and maintaining and adapting these significant heritage places for ongoing, viable use. Heritage conservation principles, processes and practices need to be applied to protect heritage values. A non-regulatory approach (in combination with a regulatory approach) has long been recognised as a way of working to heighten awareness via advocacy, heritage advice, funding and finding solutions in conjunction with, and walking alongside owners of historic heritage.

Unfortunately, when it comes to applications surrounding heritage properties in Markham, we are witness to the “better to ask for forgiveness rather than approval” attitude.  This is wrong and we need to be vigilant in protecting our heritage districts and properties.

Our heritage buildings are cultural links to our past and create an inviting and dynamic streetscape.

In fact, preserving heritage is good economics, fosters community revitalization, encourages heritage tourism and enhances property values.

What have I done?

  • As Councillor I consistently voted to preserve and protect heritage homes and facilities and preserve historic areas of Markham
  • Consistently voted for vigorous enforcement of Markham’s Heritage By-laws

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