The Fight with Bell Mobility Continues

As residents in the Bayview and Green Lane area will know, last year I was successful in opposing Bell Mobility’s application for a 120 high tower just south of Tamarack Drive.  Council colleagues in two other Wards also asked for my assistance in fighting two other applications which reached Council.  I am very proud that unprecedentedly, we were able to defeat three separate cell tower applications and issue what are referred to as Letters of Non-concurrence.   

Current status.  Within the past couple of days Bell Mobility has informed me of their intention to Appeal their application in the Bayview – Green Lane area.  I don’t want to see the residents of Landmark or anyone for that matter, in this area, look out at yet another eyesore, which would undoubtedly affect property values. 

Over the past few months I have been speaking with executives from various cell phone providers about the need for comprehensive ‘master agreements’ which would protect sensitive areas such as our parks, playgrounds, heritage areas, etc. and have broad community input and consultation on where the wireless industry has plans for new towers covering a four or five year period, rather than looking at each individual application. 

This election.  I will continue to fight on your behalf.  There simply isn’t a question about it.  I am proud to say that on Council I have been working with our staff to revise Markham’s Policy on location towers and I have also spoken at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conferences and locally have hosted a Town Hall to give you an opportunity to learn more about this issue and what we can do together to keep towers out of your back yard.

Quality service.  I Chair Markham’s Information Communications and Technology Committee so I believe in technology and quality service and I know that whether in your home or business, you too depend on good cell phone coverage for both phone calls and data transmission.  I do too. 

Alternatives.  Multiple alternatives exist instead of the industry putting up more and more towers, including the use of micro cells, Distributed Antennae Systems and making better use of our existing utility pole infrastructure rather than putting up more and more cell towers.

Your help.  I’ll be direct – you know I won’t back down from a fight and I am also the only Thornhill candidate legally able to vote on an application in this area or even speak to the subject at Council.  My opponent in this election is legally precluded from voting on this or any application in this area or even lending her voice to it due to a financial conflict of interest. 

I need your vote and that of each member of your family either at the advance polls which continue until Thursday October 23rd or on Election Day, next Monday October 27th.  Polls are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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